Meet You in Paris 2020 - Virtual Ride

Meet You In Paris is a massive community bike ride involving people all over the world. The annual ride is a fundraising event for the not-for-profit foundation Sarz Sanctuary, a support organisation for people suffering traumatic grief after the sudden death of a loved one.

Register now and Virtually Ride with 1000’s of others from London to Paris before the end of December 2020.

Start Now, challenge yourself to ride at your own pace or with a group of friends to achieve the distance, 350k / 220 miles.

Meet You In Paris is an inclusive event welcoming anyone with a pair of wheels, from exercise junkies to office workers, athletes and wheelchair users.

Help Sarz Sanctuary provide holistic healing to people experiencing traumatic grief after the sudden death of a loved one.  Whether you want to ride a bike or sponsor your friends, your support will make a big difference in somebody’s life. 

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About Sarz Sanctuary

The mission of Sarz Sanctuary is to give people dealing with traumatic grief space to breathe, regain control of their lives and find their personal pathway to peace and healing. 

Sarz Sanctuary was founded by Mark and Julie Wallace following the murder of their 21-year-old daughter, Sara Zelenak, in the June 2017 London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack. 

Through their journey of post-traumatic therapy, Mark and Julie discovered that people heal in different ways and need different kinds of support. They imagined a community facility that could provide a wide range of therapeutic options, and in 2018 that vision became Sarz Sanctuary.

Learn more about Sarz Sanctuary’s mission.

The Ride

Anyone can participate in Meet You In Paris 2020 as a Virtual Rider. Everybody is welcome from families to fitness freaks. If you’ve got a mountain bike, an exercise bike or even a wheelchair, we want you to join the ride. 

The Meet You In Paris challenge is to ride a minimum of 350 km (220 miles) before the end of December 2020. As a Meet You In Paris Virtual Rider, you don’t have to restrict yourself to riding during the official event dates or in any specific location. You can spread your ride over a couple of weeks or a few months. You decide the place and set your own pace. 

Meet You In Paris riders raise funds for Sarz Sanctuary, a support organisation for people suffering debilitating grief after the traumatic death of a loved one.

Physical exercise nurtures mental health and helps relieve stress and anxiety. Riding in Meet You In Paris will support the important work of Sarz Sanctuary, and make you feel good at the same time. 

Joining the Meet You In Paris ride is easy and free. Register now!

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